19 мая 2013 г.

Baudouin Oosterlynck - 1975-1978

Recordings of prepared piano, voice and objects of which most material previously unreleased.

Baudouin Oosterlynck (born 1946) works as a sound artist researching the phenomena of hearing and listening. An autodidact, he has developed over 200 sound works since the early 70's, along with 60 installations and 50 "listening aids" that emphasize the relationship between silence and sound, and has published books about sound and art. Oosterlynck applies a variety of methodologies and concepts to his work, including compositions with microscopic sound and field recordings, pieces for voice from oddly traditional to peculiarly bizzare (especially "Refuge"); percussive works with string or metallic sources; moody abstract sound compositions; open narratives over drawn strings environments (particularly "In Memoriam Collegi"); all of which are beautifully recorded and rendered and sequenced in a way that makes this a captivating listen. Oosterlynck has obsessively searched for outdoor sources of sound, reportedly traveling over 15,000 km on foot and bicycle throughout Europe in search of variations of silence. The works on these 4 CDs, recorded between 1975-78, are primarily based around the prepared piano, and utilize found objects, voice, and other unlikely devices to create compelling sound environments and statements. Exhibiting primarily in his native Belgium, this magnificent box is a great introduction to the work of this intriguing artist, in sound, words, and black & white photography.

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