19 нояб. 2013 г.

Peter Wright

Peter Wright is an avant-guitarist who's general method is to play simple tones and melodies on his guitar which are then run through a bank of pedals and effects, and at times are mixed with field recordings or other outside sources. The results are, without exception, gorgeous, massive drones. His myspace page lists something like 20 releases, most of which are difficult to track down.

A prolific New Zealand musician currently based in England, Peter Wright founded the kRkRkRk recordings label with J-mz Robinson in 1992, and later created his own Apoplexy imprint in 1998. Working in groups and on his own, past and present projects associated with Wright include TMA-1, Leonard Nimoy, Bent Gastropod Omnibus, DiS, Brainlego, Polio, Noise/Horror Collision, Coitus, Flinch, Atonal Death, CM Ensemble, and The Beautiful Losers. Wright is predominantly releasing material under his own name now.

Ask for download links in comments.

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  1. I don't know anything about him, but it all looks very interesting. I'll try:
    Desolation beauty violence
    At last a new dawn
    Yellow horizon

    All looks very good. Thanks.

  2. hi! Could you upload these links?

    Armchair Minimalism
    Dissolving Into Light
    Let's Hide Under The House Until They've Gone
    Sofa Drugs

    Thanks very much.

  3. Анонимный4 июля 2014 г., 06:00

    Do you by any chance have some of these albums in lossless?

  4. Hey do you think you could up Pariahs Sing OM, Folk Songs and Blackness, Red Lion, Cold Harbor, and the 2005 Split?

    If that's too many requests, leave out folk songs or red lion
    thanks so much!