25 июл. 2014 г.

Fug Gum

All new compilation of headscratch featuring tracks by Tom Recchion, Andrew Coltrane, Crank Sturgeon, Glands Of External Secretion, Graham Lambkin & David Payne, I'dm Thfft Able, Dog Lady, Loachfillet, The Tenses, Phil Minton & Dylan Nyoukis, F Ampism, Kuupuu with Bamse, Tomutonttu, Glyphs, Smack Music 7, Pod Blotz, Steve Kenney, Preggy Peggy and Reijo Pami. 76 minutes to tar and feather the inside of your cranium. Comes with insert of listening notes by Seymour Glass to help optimise your 'Fug Gum' experience.

Ask for download link in comments.

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