20 апр. 2016 г.

Vincent Caylet

Vincent Caylet, the Frenchman behind Cankun, has moved on from his project Archers By The Sea (La Station Radar, Cabin Floor Esoterica) and found solid homes on two underground music publishing giants, Hands in the Dark and Not Not Fun. Having released his last two albums, Culture of Pink and Only The Sun Is Full Of Gold, on vinyl pressings via Hands in the Dark, his latest was shared on cassette in conjunction with Not Not Fun, where he released his first two behemoths as Cankun, Jaguar Dance and Isalo Waterfall. He’s also landed a split-single on BEKO DSL and an early tape through Constellation Tatsu, done a few shows with Robedoor and High Wolf, and is a full-time dad.

But Caylet ain’t no dad-rock kind of fellah, as his music merges from lush psychedelia to murky-water riffing to contemplative meditation, all swallowed by a coastline that beaches trash in glimmering array.

The Pistil Cosmos


Archers By The Sea


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