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MAIN came into being around during the time Loop was winding down. their final album, A GILDED ETERNITY, was released in 1990. certain aspects of the album bear insight into the new direction Hampson was clearly heading toward. in fact, Hampson had already begun working to realize his ideas with the help of fellow Loop bandmate, Scott Dawson.[Encyclopedia of Popular Music]

In 1991, Loop did a tour of the UK with Godflesh. around the same time, a 12" by Main titled HYDRA was also released. shortly after the tour, Loop split up. at the same time, Paul Neville left Godflesh to work on his own project, Cable Regime, full time. with Neville's departure, Hampson breifly joined to fill the vacancy. they recorded PURE, which is Godflesh's most metallic album to date.

After a 1992 European tour, Hampson then left Godflesh in order to concentrate on Main. he was also burnt out after years of touring. in the wake of Loop's demise, bassist Neil MacKay and drummer John Wills started up the Hair and Skin Trading Company. Since 1992, Main was a duo of Hampson and Dawson with occaisional help from G.C. Green of Godflesh. Dawson parted ways with Hampson during a recent European tour.
Profile: Main (1991-1998) was formed by Robert Hampson and Scott Dowson in 1990. Both members had come from the band Loop (1985-1990). The initial imperative was to deconstruct the "iconic" form of guitars and place them in a different context and change their language. Surrounded by other sounds from field and close / contact mic recordings of found objects, these were then manipulated until the identifiable became unidentifiable. Gradually, since the departure of Dawson in 1996, the use of the guitar has appeared less and the field recordings have become much more the source of the Main sound.

Since 2011 project was relaunched. For this new incarnation Hampson working together with Stephan Mathieu, using material derived from field recordings, electronics and pure sound design mixed with Mathieu’s beautiful spectral work for stringed instruments, organs and radios. A new era of Main has begun.

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    Could you, please, send me the links for the following albums"
    1)1995 - Coderays
    2)1996 - Sub Rosa Live Sessions > Paris June 1996 [with Scanner & David Shea]
    3)2001 - 4 Parabolic Mixes [with Henri Pousseur, Philip Jeck & Oval]
    4)2001 - AF_M [with Antenna Farm]
    5)2006 - Surcease

    My e-mail address is metallsta@yahoo.gr

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    1. 1)1995 - Coderays
      3)2001 - 4 Parabolic Mixes pt. 1 & pt. 2
      4)2001 - AF_M
      5)2006 - Surcease


      Sub Rosa Live Sessions album will be upload few days later

  2. Could you please provide the links for:
    Dry Stone Feed
    Motion Pool
    Firmament 1-4
    Thanks from Lyndon

  3. Fantastic post! Could please re-up the following?

    1992 - Hydra-Calm
    1995 - Ligature Remixes
    1995 - Coderays
    1996 - Sub Rosa Live Sessions
    1997 - Deliquescence
    2001 - 4 Parabolic Mixes
    2001 - AF_M
    2002 - Tau
    2002 - Split Series #15 [with Fennesz]
    2003 - Mort Aux Vaches [with Flying Saucer Attack & White Winged Moth]
    2003 - Mort Aux Vaches: Exosphere
    2003 - Transiency
    2006 - Surcease

  4. could you please up 2013 ablation? thanks in advance