17 нояб. 2015 г.

Arc Box

The series began as an abstraction. Utech Records and Max Aguilera-Hellweg had previously worked together on Half Makeshift Aphotic Leech in the fall of 2006. Over the dark Wisconsin winter of 2007 the label began to sketch out a brazen idea and a means for its realization. That idea was to produce a series of releases that would marry photography and sound in such a way as to tether a varied spectrum of music with a single visual concept. Max was invited to participate and graciously accepted. The Arc Series would come to represent an alliance/arc borne among artists of disparate fields of study (music, photography, graphic design, lithography, woodworking and screen printing) and comprise the first entry in the label's fine art catalog provoking incursion into further long-term collaborations. Each of the disks was hand assembled in an exclusive package and released in editions of five hundred copies. Nine volumes were issued from April to December 2007.
As the series was met with much acclaim Utech Records has decided to produce a box set to celebrate its conclusion. The Arc box will be the most involved project the label has undertaken. The box will only be for sale through the Utech Records website. Each set contains all nine releases housed in a wood box hand crafted by Roger Utech and screen printed by Alan Sherry. Also included is a giclee print highlighting a photo from Max Aguilera-Hellweg's personal collection. The photo, Maricopa, was selected by Max and described as follows "Soup ladle and Pyrex measuring cup, autopsy, Maricopa County medical examiner, Phoenix, Arizona. The photograph is of an autopsy being performed, the medical examiner and his assistant are using a soup ladle and Pyrex measuring cup to remove liquid contents found in the abdominal cavity of the body they are examining".

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