1 нояб. 2015 г.

Sachiko Fukuoka

Japanese rock underground female vocalist, bassist, violinist and electronics artist, who is also active as a graphic designer. Began her musical career in Nagoya in 1988 before moving to Tokyo in 2001. Has played with many groups including Kousokuya, Overhang Party, Tangerine Dream Syndicate, and Zu-Kanku. Currently active as a solo artist and in the duo Vava Kitora. Owner of the Musik Atlach label.

Ask for download links in comments.

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  1. Cool! I've heard OF her, but never heard her. Would you be so kind as to share three?
    2006 - 不贖 You Never Atone For... - 320 Kbps
    2007 - Kunado - 256 Kbps
    2009 - Golden Hypnos - 320 Kbps


  2. 2013 - 黒塵乃舟 Loka In The Black Ship


  3. 2011 - άTOMOΣ [with Fukuoka Rinji]
    2012 - 闇路 Anro
    2014 - Vasilisa The Beautiful [with Junko]

    Thanks !

  4. Wonderfully arranged, Excellent post! Thank you very much for the time & the effort you invested in this blog, Best regards.