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In Loving Memory of Dani, for always.

Celer is the sound, visual, literary, and artistic endeavor of the husband and wife duo of Will Long and Danielle Baquet-Long. Danielle was a teacher of special education and music therapy, a seasoned and published writer of poetry and prose, a painter, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist, also recording as Chubby Wolf. She had an extensive background in Gender Studies, Education, Basque History, Photography, and Tibetan Studies, as well as having lived in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the United States. She passed away on July 8, 2009 of heart failure.

Will is a published writer of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, having studied English, History, Creative Writing, Philosophy, and Literature, with a basic background in music. Will and Dani met each other in 2001, and remained close friends until 2006, when they became a couple. At this time they also began Celer, which had been up until this time a constant exchange of letters, music, and love. They were married in March of 2007.

In Will and Dani’s time together, they produced numerous custom, handmade self-releases, sound for installations and art exhibitions, as well as creating works for independent labels in North America, Japan, and Europe. Their intent was producing works that reflect the sincere nature and importance of love, the fragility of life, and the importance of togetherness, through a relative and absolute symposium of expression.

Ask for download links in comments.

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  1. Hi, would it be possible to get download links for "Compositions for Cassettes", "Continents", "Breeze of Roses" and "Emotion"? Thank you.

  2. Would you kindly..
    Honey Moon
    I Love You So Much I Can't Even Title This
    Cursory Asperses
    D'Entre Les Morts
    Rags Of Contentment
    White Prism
    Engaged Touches

    I know its a tall order but your'e my only hope! Celer is dear to me. Thank you thank you thank you.

  3. Анонимный19 июня 2013 г., 16:59

    Hello, could I please have links for "Descender", "Melodia". "Neon". "In The Finger-Painted Fields Of Eyes", "Chirp" and the "Four Pieces" series?

  4. Hi again! I've exhausted all that was given on this page so.... more links pretty please:
    In Escaping Lakes, Sieline, Cantus Libres, Sadha, Para, Salvaged Violets and Nacreous Clouds. Also if you have the brand new one, Weak Ends, I would love to not have to load that off bandcamp each night. Thank you so much!

    1. 2007 - Cantus Libres pt. 1 & pt. 2
      2007 - Para
      2007 - Sadha pt. 1 & pt. 2
      2008 - Nacreous Clouds
      2009 - In Escaping Lakes
      2009 - Sieline
      2010 - Salvaged Violets pt. 1 & pt. 2
      2013 - Weak Ends

    2. man, you are the king of internet sharing. How youve amassed so much of what i cant get anywhere else i'll never know. Thank you so much.

  5. you have so much great stuff. you are a lifesaver (and my last hope). I am going to give you the biggest CELER list, so get ready. I need:

    voodoo crowds
    untitled (frozen loop)
    close proximity
    four pieces 1 - 4
    a close look at painting
    all at once eternity is
    ever, irreplaceable beauty
    caves with no faces
    the raw energy of
    lightness and irresponcibility
    diving into the plasma pool
    without retrospect, the morning
    melancholy and resistence
    vain shapes and intricate perapets
    remixes 2005-2012

    there is my big list, listed from oldest to newest. thanks sooooooooooo much. you have quite a collection. thanks for sharing.

  6. ooh I didn't see those four. thanks. let me know once you get back the others. you are great!

    1. I have not idea what are you talking about. Describe your comment, please

    2. its the same commenter from 2 up. hes referring to the last two comments

  7. My dearest internet friend, one last bunch of these and I will be complete at last xoxoxo

    mane blooms
    dwell in possibility
    hell detoured
    weavings of a rapid disenchantment
    foolish causes of fall and ruin
    noctillucient clouds
    recumbent in wishes
    the die thats caste
    spumes mistaken for snow
    the 3 machinefabriek 7"s

    Climbing formation
    Gau (if you have them)

    do this for me and I will have a complete set of my favorite artist in the world. And it's all thanks to YOU. where ever you are, know that you have benefited a stranger and given me enough drones to share with all I meet and keep the flame of love in music lit. <3

  8. Thanks so much!
    2013 - 日没 Nichibotsu - 320 Kbps
    2013 - Bells Remixed - 320 Kbps
    2012 - Redness + Perplexity - 320 Kbps
    2012 - Greetings from Celer and Machinefabriek - 320 Kbps
    2012 - Bliksem - 320 Kbps
    2012 - Emotion - 320 Kbps
    2012 - An Immensity Merely To Save Life - 320 Kbps
    2012 - Evaporate And Wonder - 320 Kbps
    2012 - Epicentral Examples Of The More Or Less - 320 Kbps
    2011 - Dearest Ices - 320 Kbps
    2007 - Dilué - 320 Kbps
    2007 - Untitled (Frozen Loop) - 192 Kbps

  9. Yeah, I'd be interested in what Good Tilled Earth requested in the post above.

  10. Анонимный2 июня 2014 г., 06:34

    May I request the following:
    2008 - Discourses of the Withered
    2009 - Fountain Glider
    2009 - Capri
    2010 - Vestiges of an Inherent Melancholy
    2010 - Dying Star
    2010 - Pockets of Wheat
    2011 - Dearest Ices
    2011 - Relief and Altruism
    2011 - Give Your Best to the World

    Thanks in advance.

  11. Анонимный16 июня 2014 г., 10:44

    Could you haul up from your treasure trove, please, the following:
    2009 - Poulaine
    2007 - Canopy
    2009 - Levitation and Breaking Points
    2009 - Composition for Cassette
    2009 - Breeze of Roses
    2007 - Red Seals
    2008 - The Everything and the Nothing
    2010 - Panoramic Dreams

    With much appreciation......

  12. 2014 - Zigzag, and 2007 Ariill please and thank you

  13. I'd like to request:
    2005 Belsslsssll
    2012 Live at Super De Luxe

    No question, your site has given me the chance to hear some unobtainable stuff as well as introduce some amazing artists I'd never heard of before. More power to you!
    Thanks from Lyndon

  14. 2015 - How could you believe me when I said I loved you when you know I've been a liar all my life - 320 Kbps

  15. 2015 - How could you believe me when I said I loved you when you know I've been a liar all my life - 320 Kbps

    please. thanks in advance.

  16. Can I have "2013 - Radish - 320 Kbps", please?

  17. Requesting please:
    Cold traps, Hidden for once, Mostly Summer (all 2015)
    That would be a great favour, so Thank You!!

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  19. Congratulations for your blog and for the music quality you share. Very nice work. I thank you very much. As about Celer, would it be possible to upload following:

    In Escaping Lakes (Slow Flow, 2009)

    Discourses Of The Withered (Infraction, 2008)

    Sky Limits (Two Acorns / Baskaru, 2014)

    A Couple Of Swells (I, II, III)

    thanks again

  20. can you upload 2015 - Jima

  21. I want to thank you and Celer very much for all this music and work. It is a unspeakably precious treasure.
    Could you upload 2007 - Sadha, please?