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Brian "Lustmord" Williams is a musician in the subgenre of dark ambient. He started recording with the industrial ensemble SPK in the early 1980s. He utilizes ultra-low frequencies (infrasound -- frequencies below 20 Hz, which have been known to cause feelings of awe or fear). Lustmord has extracted field recordings made in crypts, caves, and slaughterhouses, and combined it with occasional ritualistic incantations and Tibetan horns. His treatments of acoustic phenomena encased in digitally expanded bass rumbles have a dark ambient quality. Some of Lustmord's most notable collaborations include Robert Rich on the critically acclaimed "Stalker" and experimental sludge group The Melvins on "Pigs Of The Roman Empire".

An early side project of his, Terror Against Terror (with Andrew Lagowski), was a hard techno group that incorporated many samples from films of gunfire or other military activity. The record was originally intended to be the first part of a trilogy, the ultimate idea of which was to make each successive installment noisier; the third and final record was to have been pure noise. Unfortunately, the first record languished for two years without release and had lost some of its innovative sting by the time it appeared in print, courtesy of Dark Vinyl. The succeeding records were never made.

Williams consults regularly with other musicians to build custom studio equipment, and works with many Hollywood film soundtrack creators as well.

Lustmord has been working on Tool's DVD singles and has remixed versions of "Schism" and "Parabola" which were released December 20, 2005. Lustmord also contributed to Tool's 2006 album "10,000 Days".

* - See "Zoetrope", an experimental psychological horror and short film by music-video director Charlie S. Deaux on YouTube

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  1. Hello again! I was wondering... have you listen to the collaboration of Lustmord & Biosphere?



    The sound is not very good, but since I know you're a collectionist...

  2. привет,

    i'd like to hear "the place where the black stars hang" and " juggernaut", please.
    Also, by chanche, could you upload something by Death Ambient (the band on Tzadik recs), please?
    спасибо тебе большое.

  3. I'd be grateful if you could find the time to upload '[Other Dub]', '[Transmuted]', and 'Songs of Gods and Demons'. Thanks

  4. Any chance of the first three of his releases being put up?

  5. Анонимный28 июня 2014 г., 07:20

    This blog is awesome!!!
    Could you please post links for these Lustmord works: The Monstrous Soul, Strange Attractor / Black Star, Lustmørd Vs. Metal Beast, Law Of The Battle Of Conquest, Carbon/Core, [Beyond], [Other Dub].
    You'd make me the happiest man on earth, at least for today :)
    Thank you for that and for your great blog as well.

  6. Анонимный29 июня 2014 г., 07:19

    You're a king man!!!
    Many thanks for this (and as well for the two Kreng releases I asked for yesterday).
    Cheers from the south of France.

  7. hi could you post
    『2000 - Purifying Fire』
    『2002 - Zoetrope』
    『2004 - Pigs of the Roman Empire [with Melvins]』
    『2008 - [Other]』
    『2010 - Heretic』
    『2013 - Krakow (October 22 2010)』 ?
    thank you !!!

  8. hello it is possible to have "2012 - Heresy / Heretic"
    thanks and congratulations for this wonderful site !

  9. Hello, could you please re-up Lustmord Rising. Thanks a lot.