30 сент. 2012 г.

Kali-Yuga Karma

'Kali-Yuga Karma' gathers together various 10″ vinyl releases by The New Blockaders, Merzbow and aNoMaLi in one handy package, and given that they have been out of circulation since 2003 and 2004 this reissue is most welcome. Falten and Oumagatoki were noted in TSP magazine on their release, the former being a dazzling piece of shattering noise in two parts, and a strong example of exactly what aNoMaLi can do when he gets the chance to apply his compositional skills to some TNB tape materials. Oumagatoki was the famed collaboration between Merzbow and TNB; it still resembles an unholy ice storm settling over darkened lands and pouring sleet down on the heads of unwilling inhabitants. aNoMaLi’s 'Nitya-Baddha' has long been a personal favourite of this listener, and while it does recycle some 1989 fragments of TNB assaultage, it’s not simply brutal noise. For the most part I hear a very imaginative and varied piece of tape collage, containing plenty of surreal narrative content, quite disturbing to boot. The set is completed with a new (2010) tape collage which sees the combined forces of all the above flattened and folded together into an intense wodge of merciless cubic roar.

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