22 авг. 2013 г.

Demdike Stare

Demdike Stare is the occult new project from Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty. Miles is probably better known as Modern Love’s DJ MLZ or as 0.5 of Pendle Coven. Sean Canty is the dedicated digger behind the Haxan events and a member of the hugely respected Finders Keepers crew of vinyl vultures. Their collaborative project tracks the sonic leylines of cult soundtracks, Arabesque dubs and psychotomimetic ephemera with a proper Lancastrian twist…
Demdike (aka Elizabeth Southern) was the ringleader of the Pendle Witches. Accused of three murders, she died in prison in 1622 before coming to trial.

Ask for download links in comments.

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  1. could you upload "liberation through hearing" please?

  2. Could you upload Symbiosis, Tryptych, and Elemental part 3&4?

  3. Could I get the golden pudel clup live release as well as the boiler room video? (Unless it's huge and difficult for you to upload). Thanks once again you selfless internet jesus.

  4. could you upload the rest of the testpressing series please?

  5. Hi i'm interesting in Demdike Stare Part 1...can u send the link for this?
    Have a good day

  6. meets shangaan electro
    voices of dust
    elemental parts 1&2
    need them for real
    thanks for sharing!!
    great taste

  7. Анонимный1 июля 2014 г., 20:45

    2012 - Elemental please?
    2014 - TP 4 (?) :)

  8. if you havent already (i dont see it ) could you get up TP 5/6/7??

  9. Hello,

    Can we have the testpressings 2/3/5/7/ ?!


    Wanna give those a spin at an upcoming gig.