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The Boats

Since 2009, original duo (Andrew Hargreaves & Craig Tattersall) has become a trio, including Danny Norbury. 

The Boats are of course the well known duo of Craig Tattersall and Andrew Hargreaves, now joined by Danny Norbury on cello, as well as Chris Stewart and Elaine Reynolds on vocals. Craig has previously recorded under Hood, the Archivist and The Remote Viewer, runs the Cotton Goods label and co-runs the excellent Moteer and Mobeer labels with Andrew Johnson. Andrew Hargreaves records as Beppu and co-runs the Lacies’ label with his partner, Alice. As The Boats they have released various works on Moteer, Our Small Ideas, Flau (‘Faulty Toned Radio’) and of course, Home Normal with ‘Words Are Something Else’. The newest member to The Boats as of 2009 is the very talented Danny Norbury. He regularly works with Library Tapes, as well as being one-half of the duo Le Lendemain (with David Wenngren aka Library Tapes), and he has also recorded solo projects for Ono, Static Caravan and last year’s wonderful Light In August release on Lacies’.
A little while after the release of ‘Words Are Something Else’, Andrew, Craig, Danny and myself came together to talk about playing some shows both in the UK, as well as a tour in Japan. It just felt like a nice natural progression really as they are rarely known to play many live shows, and to get them to come to Japan meant a lot to both them and I. What culminated was the great Home Normal night in December (2009) at Café Oto in London, with Danny Norbury and The Boats headlining a very special event indeed. As we met up for the first time in person then, we confirmed how much we wanted to organise the Japan tour and so pushed on with the aid of our mutual friends Yasuhiko Fukuzono (aka Aus) and Masami Shimomura (p*dis).
During the various meetings, phone calls and emails back and forth, we decided that it would be a perfect time to release something of an ‘unknown’ overview of where The Boats are at and what they have done over the years. Yasuhiko Fukuzono (who also runs Flau) and I decided that it would be entirely appropriate to do a one-off collaborative release between Home Normal and Flau, as we are such closely tied labels, mutual friends with The Boats, and as a way of coming together for an album release to tie in with our combined Boats and Danny Norbury Japan tour in May of this year. The result of all this is Sleepy Insect Music, a compilation of unreleased or very limited edition works on compilations and Our Small Ideas, an unreleased remix and reworking of previously released work (‘raindrops’). As such it is an essential collection of work for Boats fans and new listeners alike, a wonderful summary of who The Boats are, or the perfect introduction, however you want to view it.

 Side projects:

Andrew Hargreaves

Craig Tattersall

Danny Norbury

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  1. Would like these:

    2011 - The Ballad of the Eagle
    2012 - Ballads of the Darkroom
    2012 - Ballads of the Research Department

    Thank you so much!

  2. 2006 - Typewriter
    2008 - Stenography
    2009 - Verbs Are Not Enough
    2010 - Ex. 1. 27th October 1950

    Could you please? Thanks in advance.

    The Archivist's new album:


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    1. Yes, man. I'm here. But I've got a lot of requests and totally have no time. I'll upload the albums you're asked to, but you should wait a few days more, Sorry for that.

  4. Hello!
    This is just simply AMAZING blog You've got, and i really don't know why i wasn't aware of it before....
    shame on me...
    anyway - would that be possible to ask for links to:
    # 2004 - Songs by the Sea
    # 2005 - We Made It for You
    # 2006 - Tomorrow Time
    # 2008 - Our Small Ideas
    # 2008 - Faulty Toned Radio
    # 2009 - Words Are Something Else
    # 2009 - Verbs Are Not Enough
    # 2010 - Sleepy Insect Music
    # 2012 - River Calder


    and one more thing - is it allowed to ask for links in MORE than only one post?
    You've got some really hard-to-find thing posted, and i can't believe no-one asked for them at all...

    1. 2004 - Songs by the Sea
      2005 - We Made It for You
      2006 - Tomorrow Time
      2008 - Our Small Ideas
      2008 - Faulty Toned Radio
      2009 - Words Are Something Else
      2009 - Verbs Are Not Enough
      2010 - Sleepy Insect Music
      2012 - River Calder

      And yes - you can request any albums you want in every post - just one thing: be modest in your requests - do not ask too many

  5. Hey dude - do you have 'We made it for you" in 320? Would be appreciated greatly!

  6. Could you please upload Saturation, Hum & Hiss? Thank you so much.

  7. By any chance do you have works from their side projects The Humble Bee & Tape Loop Orchestra?? I'm looking for the Cotton Goods releases.

    The Humble Bee - A Miscellany For The Quiet Hours
    The Humble Bee - Morning Music
    Tape Loop Orchestra - 1953 Culture Festival

  8. Thanks for sharing, I know uploading all these requests must be a pain especially since there is no financial incentive. I have a collection of my own I hope to share online sometime soon. Anyways, do you still have Danny Norbury's Dusk release ?

  9. Would you be so kind as to upload The Humble Bee - The Royal Game, please¨?

  10. May I ask for Quiet Is The New Loud? Thanks in advance!

  11. Анонимный13 июля 2014 г., 22:26

    'I Can't Believe It's not better' please?

  12. hello, wow so great here... please complete Danny Norbury stuff. many thanks best regards

  13. Анонимный29 июля 2014 г., 09:49

    Can you upload I cant believe its not better?? No link yet :(

  14. hello!
    can i ask for:
    # 2008 - Avant Garde - 320 Kbps
    # 2009 - Process [as Beppu] - 320 Kbps
    # 2009 - Input [as Beppu] - 320 Kbps
    # 2010 - Defragment - 320 Kbps
    # 2010 - Fragments - 320 Kbps
    # 2011 - Maybe I Told A Small Lie [as Tape Loop Orchestra] - 320 Kbps

    # 2001 - Making Love All Night Wrong / The Famous Boyfriend [in The Famous Boyfriend with Andrew Johnson] - 256 Kbps
    # 2010 - Mobeer 009 [as The Archivist with David Newlyn & Insecto]- 192 Kbps
    # 2011 - The Indescribable Brightness Shone [as The Humble Bee] - 320 Kbps

    thanks in advance!

  15. Hey! Request for these if you got 'em. Super hard to find:

    The Archivist - The Keeper Of The Library
    The Archivist - The Wooden Laser
    The Archivist - David Newlyn / The Archivist / Insecto
    Andrew Hargreaves - Louis Aragon
    The Humble Bee - APA

    Thanks in advance for any one of these - I'm not going to get greedy.

  16. Hello. Could you please upload The Seaman And The Tattered Sail ‎– Light Folds? Thank you so much.

  17. Request for "Eyebeams" & "Rome Bootleg 22.07.12"

  18. Анонимный23 июля 2016 г., 06:50

    Can you please upload killer in the rain? many thanks! sid