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Kevin Drumm

Kevin Drumm is an experimental musician based in Chicago, USA. Emerging from the city's improvised music scene, in the 1990s he became one the world's pre-eminent prepared guitar players.
Drumm's work expanded to include electroacoustic compositions and live electronic music made with laptop computers and analog modular synthesizers. He has collaborated with many artists working in similar fields, including Japanese guitarist Taku Sugimoto, multi-instrumentalist and producer Jim O'Rourke, and many European improvisers such as Swedish saxophonist Mats Gustafsson and German trumpeter Axel Dörner. He has also worked with the artist group Simparch, composing a piece for their installation Spec, shown at Documenta XI in Kassel, Germany and at the Renaissance Society in Chicago. Drumm has also worked with saxophonist Ken Vandermark's Territory Band, which brings together American and Eurpoean players who work in both jazz and free improvisation.
Drumm's work draws upon musique concrete, electronic sound, improvisation, heavy metal, and noise music, and has proved difficult to categorize. His solo and collaborative work ranges from challenging improvisations, ambient textures, and blistering walls of sound. Musical influences include Iron Maiden, Ralf Wehowsky, and The New Blockaders.
Avant-garde tabletop guitarist Kevin Drumm was born and raised in 1970 in South Holland, IL, playing in a handful of rock bands before relocating to Chicago in 1991 to work at the city's Board of Trade. He soon began his experiments with prepared guitar, applying objects including magnets, binder clips, chains, a violin bow and even toenail clippers to distort the instrument's sound; in time Drumm befriended a number of members of Chicago's growing improv community, including Jim O'Rourke (with whom he served in Brise-Glace, additionally contributing to Gastr del Sol's Upgrade and Afterlife album and Ken Vandermark. In late 1997 Drumm made his solo debut with a self-titled (Perdition Plastics) and has released superb duo records with Taku Sugimoto (Sonoris), Axel Dörner, Martin Tètreault (both Erstwhile) and Ralf Wehowsky (Selektion).
His chameleon-like presence has been documented on a number of projects, each revealing new facets of his wide-ranging and unique talents on both guitar and electronics. Drumm seamlessly melds the worlds of acoustic and electronic sound, occasionally teetering on the edge of silence, yet always remaining impeccably musical.
Kevin Drumm has recorded and performed with Phill Niblock, Tony Conrad, MIMEO, John Butcher, Thomas Ankersmit and many others.

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  1. Hi, I would like Snow (2008) and Malaise (2009) please. Thanks!

  2. hey could you post Crowded (2012) and Relief (2012). thanks in advance :D

  3. I would like to ask for:
    Dafeldecker / Kurzmann / Fennesz / O'Rourke / Drumm / Siewert;
    Dafeldecker / Kurzmann / Drumm / eRikm / dieb13 / Noetinger (I'm looking both for a long time);
    Particles and Smears;
    Untitled [this with Axel Dörner] (no KD cassette);
    I Drink Your Skin [with Aaron Dilloway];
    DEG [with Leif Elggren & Mats Gustafsson];
    Gauntlet [with Daniel Menche];
    ...for a good start.
    Thanks in advance.
    Bests, Kon

  4. can I get...
    Mort Aux Vaches [with Dan Burke]
    Cases [with Ralf Wehowsky]

  5. Wow! I'm trying not to be greedy, but these are few and far between. Could I please get Second, Comedy, I drink your skin, Imperial Horizon, The obstacles of romantic exaggeration and kevin drum? Best blog in da world.

  6. Awesome. Thank you.
    Could I please get Venexia [with Mika Vainio, Axel Dörner & Lucio Capece]?

  7. Kevin's ambient works please.

  8. twinklwtoes
    the whole house
    quiet nights


  9. sorry, i can't get twinkle toes nor tannenbaum, pt 1, to work.
    thanks again.

  10. 2005 - Horror Of Birth
    2006 - Pure [with Jessica Rylan & Joe Colley]
    2010 - Necro Acoustic
    2010 - Untitled [with John Wiese]
    2012 - Moving

  11. Thank you!!!
    How's about:
    Dying Air
    Kevin Drumm / 2673 ‎– Split

    1. 2005 - Split (with 2673)
      2012 - Dying Air

      "Moving" link is already poosted in previous comment; "UGH" - what is that?

    2. Этот комментарий был удален автором.

    3. What about Electronic Harassment? (the first one, not the II/III CDr)

    4. > What about Electronic Harassment? (the first one, not the II/III CDr)

      Do you see it in my list?

  12. Imperial Distortion please?

  13. 2011 - I Have a Computer
    2012 - The Kitchen
    2012 - Humid Weather
    2012 - The Back Room

  14. Анонимный15 мая 2014 г., 10:29

    Kevin Drumm - 2012-2013 please

  15. Анонимный1 июля 2014 г., 19:49

    Can I still get;
    2010 - Mud Keeps Lifting Me Higher
    2011 - Ghybbrish
    2012 - More Answers
    2012 - Blast of Silence
    Thanks your the best (!)

  16. Анонимный6 июля 2014 г., 09:26

    Amazing!! thanks you the man!

  17. any chance i could get live in chicago,vienna and skate bowl ? very much appreciated . would you like my rosy parlane collection ? or anything else i could share with you ?

  18. Hello, can you please upload Equinox?
    Thank you.

  19. Hi, can you post Sheer Hellish Miasma, Folie Á Deux [with Taku Sugimoto], and Duo [with Taku Sugimoto]? Thanks.

  20. Please. Would like:

    -Wrong Intersection
    -2014 Everything's Going Along As Usual And Then All Shit Breaks Loose.
    -Mithering The Skiving Gorm

    Thank you very much.

  21. Can I still it; 2014 - Primate (?)
    Thanks for all (!)

  22. "get" it I mean ;)

  23. Thank you VERY ... "got" it (!) :)

  24. May I ask:
    I'd like "2014- Trouble" & "Crooked Abode" & "09082001 Gtr​/​Synth Solo"


  25. Can you post
    2015 - Night and Day
    please? Thank you.

  26. Could you please upload "2015 - Busman's Holiday [with Jason Lescalleet] - 320 Kbps"? I'd really, really appreciate it.

  27. Hi, could you upload
    2016 - Interference - 320 Kbps
    2016 - January - 320 Kbps
    2016 - February - 320 Kbps
    2014 - Shut In - 320 Kbps
    2014 - Shut In-etc - 320 Kbps

  28. Hi there, do you by any chance have 'Triangles' from 2001?

  29. I'm not sure if this blog is still fully active (and it'd be shame if it weren't considering how incredibly helpful it's been over the years), but it would mean a ton to me if it were possible to upload Busman's Holiday w/ Jason Lescalleet (2015) here. Cheers, and thanks for so much incredible music!